Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Linux kills old printer driver for Xerox 6125 on amd64 Debian

I have written before about my printer and the recipe for success.  Forget all that!

The great thing about Linux is how it evolves.  The bad thing is that it always changes.  :)  The new Linux has gone multi-architecture.  That means your old ia32-libs is gone, vamoosed.  So you have to change your whole system over to this.  Read this stuff.

Now when you try to add ia32-libs, you get a whole bunch of stuff.  But that's not sufficient!

Use the driver 'deb' from this guy.

There is a bug in one of the libraries.  To do that you have to pull from experimental if you are using Sid.

aptitude -t experimental install libcups2:i386

Then it works.  If you are using Sid, then you know how to install from experimental, since Sid stuff breaks often -- that's the whole reason for it.

My other Linux machine runs Testing, and it hasn't had any problem yet.

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