Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weather from Hell

So we were up in beautiful Warsaw, Ontario, home of the Warsaw Caves.  When I was a kid we went there, and I went deep in, trailing a string to get back.  Fun times.

Daughter and her friend signed up to do this gruelling adventure:  mud biking, canoeing and running, called Storm the Trent.  The bad weather was supposed to hold off for the day, but it came with a vengeance.  While the poor girls were stuck in the woods, the leaders came back from biking to get in the canoes.  We had this 10 minute down-blow that I swear hit 70 km an hour, with jagged ice pellets the size of peas.  Some people flipped in the icy water just 20 feet off.  They cut off the canoe starts which ended the race for the slow people.  I eventually saw one guy finish the race before we cut out and left, with our girls in a state of hypothermia.

On the g+ I was staying out of the debate on climate science.  My opinion has always been it's a spurious correlation without a speck of physics, like 'earthquakes and clouds'.  But someone said that I would soon be happy when it turned cold and put this whole thing in the dustbin.  NO I WON'T!  The only way we turn off this Carbon Ponzi Scheme is when I start freezing to death in the summer, like I did today.  Keep up the temperatures, and this whole non-physics carbon thing!  Yeah for those climate people that can't do math!  We want warmth!  :)

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