Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ontario - Endless Incompetence

One article

Ok, now I am getting crotchety again.  This means I will probably fall off the radar, and stop anything internetish.  I find it is not healthy for me to bitch.  But before I go, we play the game of.


Bruce Waste Storage

No physics at all in the concept.  Situated on the world's worst rock, it is kept going by the need to spend scads of money.  God knows what it is estimated at, but they forget lots of things like grout.  Multiple of at least 10.  Your choice may vary.

Darlington Rebuild

Early death due to a major design flaw, this plant will be replaced exactly like it is.  Led by people without physics, they don't know a tenth of the major worm bombs they have yet to face.  Let's go for 5 here, but a lot will be hidden.

Green Communism

This is what the guy in the article wants.  Absolutely no physics at all in the whole global warming thing, just philosophy.  Massive programs run by government are due to fail.  A multiple of 10 since this never works.

*Sometimes if I approach these things with humour, I can last a bit longer.  :)  


Gus83 said...

Ha! what a meat puppet!

Too much to comment on here. I like how he concludes his argument with non-baseload renewables that cost 3x to 12x as much as Darlington's rates.

Also, if you cover Ontario with as many windmills,solar panels, and supplementary gas plants as the the output of Darlington and Bruce, everyone would have have at least one of the above in their "backyard".

If his "model" worked, anyone would break free from the grid and install a private wind/solar supply with gas backup generator at their house and cottage... But it doesn't! It's too expensive and intrustive!

Prepared for SPAM filtering!

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, you were spam again. Most amazing. I never did answer my base question on why things are always so screwed up.