Monday, March 18, 2013

Conspiracies in Science

Over at Google+ the latest thing is to cry 'Conspiracy' about the whole Al Global Gorming thing.  This has brought out all the 'Black Helicopter' people, and general Palin fans.

But I want to state clearly that there are no conspiracies in Science, only group silliness.  The very nature of the intelligent scientific mind recoils against the secrecy required.  With all the 'Climate-gate' emails, nobody said "Let's fudge the results so we get lots of money.".

With conspiracy you must assume that all the Climate-tists have seized power, and are holding on to it with dirty means.  But these people say that all the money lies with the oil companies.  Both assumptions are wrong, since having all the money does not mean that you hold the moral high ground.  Look at nuclear power!

Right now, temperatures are holding steady, and it looks like the cottage lake with be thawing later this year.  :(.   I think it is just as likely that temperatures will start plunging to a new ice age.  :)  If they do I will write my book "Of Fools and Mortal Men", which will poke lots of fun at the whole global warming thing.  The worst assumption they made is that this time the temperatures are not cyclic like they've been all the times before.  That's like saying "This time, the price of houses will go up forever.".  Global temperatures are subject to many variables, and thus follow our Plinko Game.

If, however, temperatures start to zoom up again, there will be no book, and I will say that Great Science is a messy thing, like making sausages.  Don't look into it too much.

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