Tuesday, February 19, 2013

M2.3 earthquake Pennsylvania

I only did this because I used to love driving through this area.  In the good old days when I was king of the earthquake hill, I had oodles of money to go to conferences on eastern earthquakes.  They were usually down on the East Coast somewhere, and I always drove through with the family and the van.  We would then load up with cheap toys on the way back, and the van would struggle up the mountains.

This looked so much like an injection earthquake that I had to take a real close look.  Right in an industrial area, but the seismic coverage is so sparse here, I'm sure it's out by 20 km.  Anyway, seems to be no injection wells in the area.  In fact I think these earthquakes are heading for extinction.  Used to be that injecting into a Megathrust was the way to make a fortune, and suck up all that dirty water.  Now they have to inject into sandstone, costing a fortune, and making everybody dump the water in the back woods.

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