Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Big ugly bureaucracy supports mental health


This is my annual piece on depression.  My family and I have suffered from it.  It's not a weepy day that they talk about in the commercials, but serious Serotonin deficiency that leads to suicide.

Big ugly bureaucracies or bubs are the worst, and they predominate in Canada.  The only people who don't have depression in bubs are the 'Total Weasels', who thrive.  So if you are generally unhappy or grumpy, or people tell you that you are, then see a doctor.  You will never be happy in a bub, but you can improve your health tremendously but taking some simple pills.

I've looked around, and you really want to be on Cipralex if you can.  This is a one-twist 'purified' Prozac that needs only half the dose, and has less side effects.

Now, some right-wing authors have said 'Forget about the weepies, and lock up the true crazies'.  That isn't the object of this campaign, which is to try and get all the depressives who are denying their condition.  So if you know someone who is showing all the signs of depression, then try to talk to them. 9 out of 10 times it won't do anything, but you tried.  :)


Anonymous said...

Right on!
de Peter of the vibratin lines

Gus83 said...

Watch for the falling glass...


If this gets stopped, it's my use of links that is flagging my comments as spam.

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, you were spam-junked again! Meteorites are out of my expertise, although we used this as a limit to the probability for seismic at nuclear plants. No use going beyond the probability of a meteor hitting the plant directly!

Gus83 said...

My comment was more to the effect of meteors and glass windows vs seismic and glass condos... In this case the sonic boom wounded 1000 people just by blowing out glass panels!