Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Peaking Over the RIM


Today is the second sunrise for RIM.  We all know what happened, they caught the 'Canadian Monopoly Disease'.  Our country is dominated by huge monopolies who have their fingers into government.  Once a company reaches this level, like Nortel and SNC Lavalin, there is no stopping them, until they collapse under their own bloat.  For companies that have a steady monopoly rent that collapse never happens, like Rogers, Bell and Hydro, since they can suck on that teat forever.

Only companies that have to compete on an international level head for the abattoir.  RIM's stuff was horrible the last few years.  The common theme with all the daughter's friends is "I hate my Blackberry!", but they are stuck on 3 year contracts.  Now RIM is coming out with something three times as expensive as the Nexus 4, and I wish them luck.

 Update:  That should be 'Peeking' over the rim, as in sunrise, but I made a pun-slip and I like it.  :)


Gus83 said...

It has some elements with big potential.

I'm inspired by Blackberry's (formerly RIM) ability to actually start wheels in motion for a NFC mobile payment platform. No one is getting traction and that ecosystem needs a big fish or 5 year old tech will be another 10 years coming. With something like 70% of Canadian smart phone users interested, it's a great launching ground and RIM has the security and some solid patents. Big G has tried, but have been bound by the big telcos deleting G Wallet and adding their own useless platform.

I'd give it a chance if I had some $$$ just kicking around. It would be hard living without android's full featured Google apps.

Harold Asmis said...

Wow, your comment got through! Did you get your Nexus 4 yesterday?

Gus83 said...

Can't! I got my holiday credit card bill first and the wife is implementing cost cutting measures...

Harold Asmis said...

Sucks to be you. :)