Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hire a Sophist

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Middle son got his degree at Queens in Political Science.  And I can tell you right now that's pretty useless!  All our university graduates are struggling since the Bureaucracy is dying.  When I started with the old company, we sucked in a lot of general arts degree-people into administration.

So, he is following the New Path, which is taking a degree and then getting some certificates in something useful.  Some people are even cutting to 3 year BA's which is what I would recommend.

Daniel is learning all sorts of useful things now, mainly Public Relations and computer skills related to that.  Stuff like web design and Internet communications.  He does extensive internship work and helped a charity get a government grant.  Hire him, please!


Gus83 said...

If people recommend something for you to do to better your chances it's already to late because 50% of the other unemployed B of A have already started it and are working their way in. The key is to find something new to set yourself apart like this guy:

I recommend pursuing an education in something that sounds hard and you have to get up earlier than 4 pm for the classes. If that's not your thing, work yourself into an apprenticeship at a trade union and you'll get paid to work and the Feds will pay for your education + spending money!

Harold Asmis said...

Amazing how every comment you make is marked as spam. :)