Thursday, January 24, 2013

Global Cooling Panic

I went for a dog walk today, and I'm still freezing!  I have decided to start a new panic which will get me lots of money.  As we know, our global temperatures have been stuck at a plateau the last 20 years.

Now, we Canadians are very grumpy about the weather.  We can have a perfectly wonderful day, but someone will say "Yeah, but it'll rain tomorrow."  I've enjoyed our plateau, since it has given such nice summers at the cottage.  But you can look at this graph and see the temperatures are going down.  :(

Here's my new way to make money:  I make a film about how ice sheets are about to grind down New York City.  It's all due to CO2 getting into the upper atmosphere and radiating out all our precious heat.  This is actual physics, as opposed to the 'heat blanket' thing.  This new panic can restart carbon trading and ridiculous subsidies for food-fuel, solar, and wind.  Just because the last panic wasted about a trillion dollars doesn't mean we can't do it right this time!  :)

We Canadians will make out like bandits, selling cold weather stuff all over the world.  Who on the equator couldn't use a new snowsuit?  When this cycle turns up again, we'll sit on our docks, drinking cold beer, and saying "Who knew?".

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