Saturday, December 22, 2012

No Earthquakes for Christmas

I have looked into the pattern of our World's Christmas Lights, and declare there will no earthquakes for Christmas, just as there will be no snow for Toronto.

Hold Everything! I didn't really say that.  My predictions are as good as global warming projections.  That's the wonderful thing about earthquakes, you have no clue whatsoever where the next big one will occur.  If it happens in the middle of nowhere, it's a big yawn.  Under a city, then it is news.

So everybody should give their house an Earthquake Christmas Present.  Accept the fact that there is a 1 in 500 chance per year of something really unexpected.  Do one thing for the house that will reduce the consequences.  Get that old chimney fixed or cut down.  Do not have heavy things over the kid's bed.  Have your camping things around where you can get them quickly.  If you are by the beach this Christmas and notice all the water leaving, do not go and pick up seashells!


Anonymous said...

My 10 yr old daughter really enjoyed this entry.
Peter, of the vibrating lines, near Peterborugh

Harold Asmis said...

I hope you got her a suitable geology gift, like a mineral collection she can throw at her brothers.

Anonymous said...

I have some bought small groupings of rocks, but I/we prefer to do our own collecting, which we do as a family. The rock and gem shows are bad as they show gorgeous samples, and spoil the joy of doing our own collecting. I often pose the questing, while in the car, "why is that hill there?".

Anything you can tell me about the rock around Apsley, or Rice Lake?