Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bell live chat

It's a most horrible curse in Canada, that sometimes you have to interact with the local phone monopoly. Everything in Canada is a monopoly!  (or cartel, if you want to get fussy).

So, I wanted my cottage phone suspended for the winter, and I was prepared for my usual hour-long wait on the phone.  But wait!  There was this 'live chat' thing.  So I did it.  I was connected quite quickly, but they must be using an MS system with dial-up.  Sooo  Slow!  The wait times were so long that I finally disconnected when I got the order confirmation number.  Can't they say good-bye?

Highly not recommended.  At least when you phone you get a nice person from the Philippines.

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Gus83 said...

Just like evertything else, it has probably been outsource to F grade company who promised managers the moon for pennies on the dollar of the competitors.

I used a similar system with big Red a few years ago and it reduced my cancellation time to minutes. I've been with little guys since then and haven't had to call any of them. Big Red even followed up offered me home phone at $6/mth including all fees for 12 months to come back!