Sunday, October 7, 2012

Good-bye to the Cottage

The water is down, and I can barely get the boat out of the slip.  It has become freezy-wheezy, with snow and frost coming.  The colours are at their max, but it is time to leave.  I'm always astounded at how much firewood we use when it is this cold.  The water is at 60 deg F, and nobody wanted to jump in.

This year we went on a rock obsession, and the kids are rolling big ones into the lake.  In the spring, the water comes up to those trees.  I tried to help for 2 seconds, slipped and nearly killed myself.  Yeah for the youngsters!

I drain out all the water, and fill everything with plumber antifreeze.  One drop of frozen water can burst a pipe.  Yes, this year, we are in for a winter!

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