Sunday, July 8, 2012

A fine Newfoundland Earthquake M4.4

Well, another great weekend at the cottage, and look what we have here!  This size of earthquake can only wake people up.  Like Australia, we can have up to an M6 happening randomly in this rock, and I remember there was one further north.  The old rock is highly stressed, and it is only because the glaciers munged up the rock that we don't have more of these earthquakes.

Looking at the nice picture, I am reminded of the monster Grand Banks earthquake, and how the passive continental margin can be host to large earthquakes.  As you can see,  we are still quite close to the spreading ridge, so the oceanic crust is fairly young and hot.  But as it cools, it no longer has the will to live, and those Higgs bosons try to drag it down.  Eventually, the cold crust will fold down and start to sink, like the skin of an old Sumo guy.

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