Monday, July 23, 2012

Christchurch, New Orleans, and Haiti


We're leaving out Japan, because that's a whole different problem.  We are really going to have to do some advance planning to help future disaster areas recover.  All of these places had major problems before the disaster, which just advanced the clock.

I think all cities should have a recovery plan, but that requires facing some hard truths.  New Orleans was sinking, Christchurch was on swamp, and Haiti had all its problems.  All of these make recovery very difficult.  Japan could have easily recovered without the radioactivity, since this was a rare event and could generally be ignored for the next 500 years.

Lima, Peru will be difficult, Lisbon can recover.  All of California is good.  The big tsunami cities in Asia can also recover.  China has shown it can rebuild.  I don't know any city that is really as bad as these three.

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