Monday, July 16, 2012

Bell internet support is torture!

I was one of the first to get Bell Fibe 25 in my zone.  As such they saddled me with a very crappy router that isn't on anybody's compatibility list.  The windows 7 machines would crap out every hour or so.  Linux was perfect, and I really didn't give a hoot about all those people in the house on windows.  After 2 years, the whining got to me and I started to move.  I bumped up my wireless with an extender, and all the windows machines gave full bars.  Still dropping the connection, and you had to reset the local wireless adapter.  Serious windows crap!

Found out that ancient routers don't play nice with w7 or vice versa.  So, called up Bell with the intent of getting a new modem/router.  Went though 1st level support:  "Turn off your modem, blah, blah"   "I want a new modem."  "Do this and that."  "I want a new modem."

Eventually I got through to 2nd level support.  They were on the worlds worst IP line to Bangalore. I couldn't understand anything.  "How many time does ...scritchy, scritchy."  "Hello?  I want a new modem."  "scritchy, scritchy, blah."  "I want a new modem!"

Finally, they said they are shipping the new modem/router (it's all one).  Of course, the last time they said that, I never got anything.  I shall wait the 2 weeks.  :(

Update:  Got my new 'Connection Hub' today.  It's black with shiny blue lights.  Shiny!  Haven't checked how long things stay connected, but it should work.

Update2:  The new connection hub is no longer dropping Win7.

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