Friday, June 29, 2012

RIM pyramid scheme collapses


I'm only writing this because it's like an earthquake.  Also, all negative thoughts like these (about people too stupid to live) are being written and burned, in a bloggish sort of way.

All these wonderful services that rim and apple people enjoy are a pyramid scheme.  That is, they are paid for by new buyers.  As long as buying continues to be exponential, then all is happy.  Just like any pyramid scheme.  The early buyers get the most benefits.

Oh, but what happens when it collapses?  When nobody buys the product?  All the people who have bought their bb's continue to demand free encryption and worldwide networks.  Aren't they in for a surprise!  Their toys will be bbb's  - blackberry bricks!

This will be ugly, and we all know what they should have done.

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