Friday, May 18, 2012

Texas calm about injection earthquakes


Ramona Nye, spokesperson for the railroad commission, said there are three permitted injection wells within a five-mile radius of the epicenters of the earthquakes. Two are active, she said.
Nye said railroad commission inspectors checked each of the wells Friday, the day after the first earthquake.
“They found no violation of any rules,” Nye said of the well inspections. “They were operating under their permitted conditions.”
Nye said the wells are permitted at 6,000 feet, while the depth of each earthquake was about 15,000 feet.

They are very calm about their injection earthquakes.  West Texas regularly spits out M6's, so I expect that this might become similar.  I would like more info about the injection rate, though.

Addition:  OMG, they still pushing the 'little earthquakes are wonderful' thing!

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