Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mexico M5.7 earthquake

I'm only throwing this in because I got spikes in my readership, and that is my first alert that there is an earthquake of some interest.  I looked around and came up with this one.

This gives us a fine lesson in subduction earthquakes.  Note that the quake is quite far inland (marked A).  But on a subduction zone, that means it is deeper the more you go in.  In this case it is 80 km deep.  Like I've said before that whole straight section is eventually due to go in one M9+.  It has been farting around for some time now with M8's.  When that happens, the City won't know what hit it!  It's probably on some 1200 year return cycle, much like Japan, but we don't know where it is in the cycle.

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