Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tour of Niagara

Those who have been reading here for a while would realize that I'm a bit of an old grouch, who never wants to do anything.  Well, Saturday was beautiful, and the rest of the family wanted to do something.  With everybody running around, it is difficult to get a majority of kids in one spot, but we decided to tour Niagara from Toronto.

I am a hardened Toronto person, and my experience with Niagara is taking relatives on tours.  The crowds are unbelievable, so naturally I tried to gloomy my way out of this.  No chance!

We first visited Niagara-on-the-Lake, after driving through all the empty vineyards.  A bit brown....   But the girls loved the shopping, and my daughter got some good stuff for her Thailand trip.  We had a very nice lunch, and the whole place is not very expensive, compared to the big city.

A very nice drive along the parkway to the Falls.  We stopped at Riverview Cellars for a wine tasting, and bought 2 bottles of white.  They have a very nice ice wine which tastes like strawberries and would well with chocolate, but we aren't ice wine fans.  Everybody keeps giving us bottles!  They barely were able to make a harvest this year, during the only cold 3 days we had!

The falls area was an absolute zoo, but we drove through slowly and had a nice view.  The local parking is $18, and looked full.  I went nuts and we kept driving.  However, we found free parking on top near the Casino, and went for a walk.  The view was much better since there was major water, and the mist was thick.  Much better pictures.

Went to the Fallsview Casino.  Most amazing that they sucked us in with an immediate $30 win at the slots. We walked out with a $60 loss, but it was interesting.  It's funny how none of us feel the slightest pull in that place.  30 years ago, Los Vegas was much more interesting with the continuous fall of coins clinking away. Now, it's all paper tickets.

Update:  All pictures on my daughters new blog.

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