Sunday, April 1, 2012

The sad story of the young reporter in Canada

Well, after many weeks, I feel I can release the essential truth of this sad incident (with lots added).  We live in a country of cosy monopolies.  World businesses like Nortel and Rim soon fall in flames.  In order to exist, these monopolies throw an 'invisibility shield' around themselves, and reporters soon give up.  The worst of these is the nuclear business.

Every once in a while, a brand new reporter decides to become cannon fodder.  This is her story.

We shall call her The Little Match Girl or Lim for short.  Lim was a product of the cheap tuition Canadian university system which turns out lots of graduates, with no chance for a job.  Faced with no hope of a paying job, she entered the most dying profession of all - Journalism.  So Lim huddled in her unheated flat, grasping at stories nobody else wanted, and one came up:  the anniversary great Japan earthquake and nuclear wipe-out.  The premise was that the Canadian nuclear industry was just as closed and sloppy as Japan before the quake.

Using her boundless energy, she attacked the System with all legal means and came up with one sheet of paper, which hinted at intense sloppiness, but was old, and could easily be denied.  She called up a wild blogger who said the paper was probably worthless.  She became infected with his claims of nuclear shenanigans, and still decided to take her story to the great doors of the Canadian Timid Media.

They shut her out.  And outside, in the coldest Canadian winter of record, she sank by the door, all hope exhausted.  The snow came.....

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