Friday, April 27, 2012

Ontario down to the final two nuclear dancers


Yeah, the AP1000 is on the final list, and they finally realized they can only fit 2 of them on the Darlington postage stamp site.  You will recall that I was the only one laughing at their nattering of jamming 4 reactors right beside an active monster quarry (lots of blasting).

And what the heck is an 'Enhanced Candu 6"?  Have they bumped up the 30 year old 'Banana Republic Special' from a hamster-wheel 600 to 1000 MW?  That defies physics!  And you know how I feel about that!

So far I've been right, except about the timing.  I was expecting to have the darn things built by now!  I was going to make lots of money doing the seismic!  Right now they aren't doing any seismic and I really wonder whether the old C-6 design is much better than some ancient designs we know - Pickering -- cough!

Update:  Sorry, they aim to jam 4 hamster wheels on the site in comparison to 2 AP1000's.  Ten times the labour to run, but what the hey!


Gus83 said...

EC6 is a 740 MWe unit (like a 486 with "Turbo" mode) that they expect to cram 4 together to get ~3000 MWe. A far cry from the ACR 1000 proposed 4800 MWe long term project that was initially proposed. Having two AP1000s at 1200 MWe each probably wont justify all the code changes that are needed to allow anything other than CANDU in Canada!

Harold Asmis said...

Wow, Blogger thinks you are spam! :)

That's worse than I thought, jamming 4 of them onto the site, with the seismic capacity of a hill of beans.

The AP1000's could stand any PGV our geology could throw at them.