Thursday, April 5, 2012

Earthquake preparedness month


This is just for California, but I would love to extend it east of the Rockies (ENA).  As we know from the Virginia earthquake, we have a history of random M6's going off anywhere at any time.  They pop off every few years in ENA, but as individuals we are protected by a vast area.  Thus the odds of being significantly hit by such an earthquake might be 1 in 100 per year, that is, rolling two 10-sided dice each year and getting snake eyes!

These really don't do much except knock down brick chimneys and crack brick houses on swamps.  When such a thing happens on the Hamilton fault, I expect lots of local damage, and the power to be out for a day or two.  Everybody there should have an earthquake kit!

For the rest of the GTA I just want one thing:  Don't flood out of the buildings for such an earthquake!  The streets are far more dangerous.  This is difficult, since we know these things activate fire alarms.  So, the big money will go into manual overrides for earthquake-induced fire alarms.  All these alarms will also drive the fire department nuts!

Unfortunately, nothing will be done unless we acknowledge these odds.  Absolutely nothing is being done for earthquakes in the GTA.  The federal gov't will probably cut out their remaining earthquake presence, but those guys never cared for Toronto, it's all Quebec.  :)

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