Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Away for a few days

Wow, nothing happened on the earthquake front!

I was in Montreal again.  We got an Internet special with a funky, modern hotel - Hotel Opus.  Valet parking free for hybrids!  As you know, I'm the kept husband, so I was the bag-boy driver for this, while the spoose was changing the world.  So I was sitting in the lobby reading, due to the horrendous weather, when they start auditions for some crazy French version of Price is Right.  I found it hard to pretend to read, as these characters in costumes paraded in front of me.

However, 2 Griffendor points off for Montreal, in general, due to it being in a war zone.  I find things, such as everyday policing, are starting to wear thin.  They are going to have a difficult time getting off the subsidy juice, just as Toronto will find it tough with the upcoming condo crash.  :)  (always have to balance off a Mo-town dig with a T-O one!)

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