Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hot water tank games


So, back a few years ago, Consumers Gas sold all the hot water tanks to sleazy Direct Energy without telling anybody.  Whereas they used to replace old tanks, DE waited until the tank busted and destroyed your basement.  Then they replaced it with some old recycled thing from the 60's.  I went with Livclean, and wrote a huge series about it, with a zillion comments (since destroyed).  Problem was that soon everybody and their dog was into hot water tanks, and DE fought back stating how wonderful they were, and how everybody else were sleazes.  I was afraid of legal consequences.

Now DE has pulled out of Canada, and left some turds behind.  My hot water heater went to Reliance, and I couldn't be happier with their service.  There are lots of other options besides renting, but they all look like too much work for me!  :)

ps.  All those other sleazy companies are now into door-to-door sales of furnaces and such.  They still try to suck in fresh unemployed university students, and it is sheer hell to work for them.

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