Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Everything on upper west coast to be totally destroyed


Telephone poles whip back and forth as if caught in a hurricane. Power lines rip loose in a shower of blue and yellow sparks, falling to the ground where they writhe like snakes, snapping and biting. Lights go out and the telephone system goes down.

Soon all Vancouver like this

I think these people are sniffing the vanilla!  For these effects we are looking at a PGV of over 100 cm/s, which is only experienced in a California basin, with a fault ripping right beside it.  Now, our Cascadia zone is quite far off, like Japan, and we can only expect 10 cm/s on medium ground.  Even the Seattle basin should not respond that much.

Now, Chile was much closer, and they got about 80 cm/s.  And whether it is an M8 or M9 doesn't do squat to the PGV, only the tsunami, which will vary from M8-terrible, to M9-horrendous.

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Peter said...

Disaster Porn sells well though!