Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Earthquake triplets near Bruce, Ontario

Being bored, I decided to look up the old Southern Ontario Seismic Network.  As I have written before, this was one of my greatest accomplishments, when I dug the money out of the old company, and kept them at it if they want to put in another nuclear plant.  They get one brownie point for this!

Unfortunately, you can get hoisted by your own petard!

After many years of no seismic monitoring up at the Bruce, they now have lots of instruments, courtesy of the 'Deep Thing' which I love so much!  :)   I call attention to the most amazing earthquake triplet just offshore of the monstrosity.  We are used to just seeing couplets in this area, so the triplet is a new thing. It is a sign of deep fluid motion along a fault, and we all know the giant Grenville Front (fault) zips by that place, and then joins up with a lot of activity down in the States.

Anyway, if you look at the site paperwork, they go on and on about no seismic activity there.  That's because there was never any monitoring!  I believe it will soon fill in and look as good as our straight line right under Hamilton.

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