Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Darlington refurb to go all contractor


With a firm plan and detailed cost estimates in place for each component of the project, the province will be able to hold contractors to the terms of the deal; taxpayers and ratepayers won’t be at risk for cost over-runs.
That’s a change from past practice, he says, when the public ended up on the hook for massive over-runs, which are still being paid off through the debt retirement charge on every hydro bill.

There's always two ways to go on a major project.  The old way was to build up your expertise, and do it yourself.  The new way is to have no expertise and rely on contractor 'tech slaves'.  This second way was chosen for the Niagara tunnel, where 3 hopeless guys were in charge on the company side.

Which way leads to overruns?  Or should I say the greater overruns?

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