Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sabbatical of Nothing

This is my regular time when I go off the air, possibly forever, if I can actually do it.  It's a time when I look over all my posts and realize I haven't done much.  Things will be different in a year or two:

Bruce - they may start sinking a shaft into a cesspool

Chalk River - they will see if they can actually sink a borehole in that muck.

Injection earthquakes - expect many more as injection goes exponential.

Niagara Tunnel - they will be plastering over stress cracks in the lining.



Anonymous said...

Your's, is one of the few/only blogs I read daily!
Have a break, but come back.
All the best,

Peter of the humming lines near Peterborough

Had a visit from HydroOne yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I agree

Love your blog

Harold Asmis said...

Well, actually, nothing is happening right now. I don't have any addiction to write, which is relaxing. I'm soon going on a snowless ski trip to Montreal.