Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ontario not as bad as Greece


“Our message will strike many as profoundly gloomy. It is one that Ontarians have not heard, certainly not in the recent election campaign, but one this commission believes it must deliver,” 

I'm just throwing this in because we've come to the end of our Japan-like 'Grand Plans'.  This now includes the Niagara Tunnel fiasco, as wreckage on the shore.  I don't think we'll get our string of AP1000's at Wesleyville, and there is a question of how much money they can 'waste' at Bruce!

I'm just thinking of this as I was a creature of 'grand plans' when I first started.  When everything was collapsing I was as useless as a windmill in summer, and I was lucky to retire at a tender age.  The survivors at the old company were left to dealing with decaying infrastructure.

So, we are totally like Japan, without the big earthquake.  But that will come!  And like those poor people, we shall be totally unprepared.   Ah well, I'm having fun!  :)


Gus83 said...

I see the nukes going ahead... Its the only low CO2 way to offset the ridiculously high cost of wind/solar, plus all the tax revenue from the pensioners in the high tax bracket they bring back to work under contract ;-)
It's sad, but it will probably be a cluster of 4x EC6.

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, bring back the pensioners at a ridiculous rate! We probably need a good earthquake before I would be called up.

I can't imagine hamster wheels for Ontario, but that's me. I was just in Milton yesterday, and that place is rich, with fancy cars and shops. Good thing we have housing speculation as a base industry! Everybody there has got 2-3 houses on the go, and is making a fortune! And it's so recession proof, because as the economy sinks, the interest rates go down, and the monopoly banks shovel over all the available investment capital. :) Japan never had it so good!