Saturday, February 25, 2012

Earthquakes, the media, and me

Once again I have the media after me.  Here is my open letter to them.

Hello, I'd love to go on tv, radio, web, whatever you want to do.  Here is my warning label:


This person tends to bite the hand that feeds him, including his own!

This person really sucks as a tv personality, his voice sounds like a sick cat, and his face looks as  Botoxed as that old rocker guy on idol.

Once he had an opportunity to shine on tv.  Some producer had an idea to do volcano experiments which could have been really neat.  Unfortunately, they had already engaged some old fogey prestigious volcano people, and were fixated.  He could have smiled, turned political chameleon, and agreed with everything.  But no, he thought it was stupid.  They dumped him, and ended up having a boring show.

ps. no response so far!

1 comment:

Harold Asmis said...

I'm sure they just wanted me for some sound bite to set off some nuclear announcements. I shall hold off for a new series "Things Against Nature - The Ups and Downs of Technology"