Saturday, February 25, 2012

Earthquakes and nuclear plants - two extremes

Article 1

Suzuki has long believed that there is no such thing as "foolproof" technology. The Fukushima nuclear meltdown was simply further proof. "Nature will always out-fool our best notions," Suzuki believes.

On the one hand we have the anti-technology opinion.

Then we have another.

Article 2

"While other jurisdictions may be scaling back their nuclear energy commitment because of Fukushima, we are not," Tom Mitchell, president and CEO of Ontario Power Generation (OPG), declared in an address Thursday to several hundred Ottawa delegates at the Canadian Nuclear Association's annual conference.


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Harold Asmis said...

Actually, thinking of this I realize that Suzuki Transcends Humanity., with this clairvoyant bit.

I would prefer to think of him as a Lesser God, rather than a saint. By doing earthquakes, he shows no boundaries. The mantra is "No technology is foolproof, therefore no technology should be used."

We are proud to have somebody to worship.