Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christchurch -- Can't rebuild, can't relocate


Unfortunately, this is turning out to be a Haiti.  Trapped by legacy infrastructure, they can't relocate, and they can't build.  In history, some cities have relocated, and some have rebuilt after an earthquake.  I really don't have much comment here.


Bruce Stewart said...

This week's "Insight (19/02/2012)" on Radio New Zealand National was devoted to the very issue you've laid out.

Harold Asmis said...

Really, this is a case of modern reality vs. doing anything. In the old days we would have had a big fire after the earthquake to wipe everything out. Then property rights would be trampled to reorganize the streets and lay in new services tunnels. Everything, including the services, would be on piles.

Actually, in reality, all such cities have been rebuilt with exactly the same seismic capacity as before! They just pretended the earthquake never happened.

Alexandra Bosanac said...

Hi, Harold

My name is Alexandra and I'm a reporter for the CBC. We're working on a project about the nuclear industry in Canada. I can explain further if you email me at

Thanks! Hope to hear from you!

Gus83 said...

Wow, another media opportunity, but this time its the CBC! It will be interesting how they handle the sarcasm and witty comments... Be sure to post.

Harold Asmis said...

OMG, and I just came back from skiing in Qc! Hope there were no earthquakes!

Can't wait to find out! I have a problem with the local media. :(