Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No earthquakes for Internet Blackout Day

For tomorrow, there shall be no earthquakes, and therefore, I shall not be blogging or schlemming on g+.

As we know, the internet has become absolutely vital for earthquake studies.  Although all the seismometers cannot be cut off by the 'Murdoch's Law', the sharing of information is just as vital before and after the earthquake.  It is, of course, these 'non-newspaper' channels of communication that The Great American Hero - Murdoch, intends to cut off, just like India and China.

Naturally, I could not survive in the Post-Murdochian World.  I was terrified enough of Conrad Black!

In this future black world, all bloggers would be under a chill.  Just like Russian 'tax collectors' mysterious people, paid by cd-sellers, would closely scrutinize some web site, looking for a single violator, and then raise the Big Gun.

When I was getting scientific journals (I'm too poor now), I would publish extracts, perhaps pushing 'fair use'.  Not any more!  Nor will anyone else.

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