Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's support Internet Blackout Day


SOPA (or Soap Opera) threatens to shut down the whole internet, just to keep Disney happy. The US Senate has been bought and paid for, so this legislation will go ahead, since it is impossible to take out an incumbent senator. :)

Here, in Canada though, we shall profit greatly by smuggling Internet juice across the border. :)


When the soap opera shuts down the internet, this shall trigger The Big One in California, which will crumble under the screams of all those Googlers out of a job.  Here in Canada, we shall start Canoogle and NoseBook, and all those survivors will be happy to work in Moose Jaw.  The New Prohibition will cause dark fibers to be lit by Internet Gansters, led by the notorious Al Ca-Schmidt.  Hipsters in SanFran will huddle in their ruined coffee shots, cradling their ipads, looking for a pirate wifi.  More affluent will flock to the hidden Speakeasies and have their wifi served up in style.


Gus said...

Many web services are just renting servers or moving outside the USA. I wonder which proxy will be the big hit!

I used a proxy to sign up for Google services only available for sign up in the USA. Now I can use them anywhere on any machine.

Harold Asmis said...

I call this the New Prohibition, but I also think it's the New Civil War, pitting the southern dummies against the intellectual north.

The world is fleeing the US, thus destroying the only bright spot in that economy. Most of my son's graduating class is down in Google-town. Will they come back to Canada?