Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hopes and dreams of the Niagara Pumped Storage

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Here's something interesting that I read in the local company rag.  It's not mentioned anywhere in any news or web site.  They got the whole Canada-side pumped storage drained, and are doing extensive geotechnical investigation.  Why is it ignored by the media?  Why are they doing it?

This thing has a near-zero seismic capacity, which is ok if you don't believe in earthquakes.  Are they secretly working on it because of Niagara Tunnel Contention #1:

The tunnel is useless without bumping up the pumped storage.

I know from the history of this thing, and from many earlier investigations that it is amazing that it stands up as it is, let alone trying to increase the capacity.

For our tame media I suggest a few tidbits for their headlines -  "Nobody told us"  "Clutching at geotechnical straws"  "Can soupy walls hold more?"  :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Geofish, speaking of "soupy walls": what are your thoughts on the way Northland Power Inc has proposed constructing the upper reservoir (ie: using the existing waste rock piles from mine excavations, merely re-shaped and lined with an asphalt "impervious liner") for the closed-loop pumped storage scheme they want to build in Marmora, Ontario?

Did you see the postings about this on Tom Adams' blog,in mid-November, here http://tomadamsenergy.com/?p=1376 and again in mid-December 2011, here http://tomadamsenergy.com/?p=1433

Do the local people who have publicly voiced concerns about this upper reservoir posing a lethal flooding threat above their homes within the urban area of this small, rural Eastern Ontario village have legitimate grounds for their terror based on the Taum Sauk upper reservoir breach in December 2005, or not?

This appears the focus of local concerns highlighted here: http://www.hamiltonsgarage.com/marmora_green/

What's your take on this project and it's upper reservoir's planned construction means?

Harold Asmis said...

Contacts have told me that it was drained a few months ago, but the drilling was related to dam safety. There's not much hope in an earthquake, but the pathways to the river look empty. Looks like they will just have the tunnel without the impossible pumped storage expansion.

Harold Asmis said...

My blogger seems to have gone psycho! I read stuff about that storage plan in Marmora. I'm assuming the tailings are on rock, and can't think of earthquakes bothering it. Then you always have to look at the consequences of a breach and flooding patterns.