Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't be smug, an earthquake could hit anywhere


That's the thing about scientists, they just can't say no.  Could an earthquake hit Manitoba or Sask.?  Sure.  Are the odds greater than a big  hunk of incompetent Russian junk hitting you?  Will an Italian cruise ship run over your foot?  Who knows?

But honestly, I think that if you started injecting brine in Manitoba, you could get an earthquake.  In general, the Archean rock is older than our Precambrian, but just as highly stressed.  When we did the test nuclear waste repository, very high stresses were about a mile deep.

But the site showed that glaciation had done tremendous damage to the rock, and probably jiggled all the earthquakes out of it.  Still, it's possible......

Update - Wrong link.  Shows nobody reads this if they don't respond.  :)

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