Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bruce underground nuclear waste thing heading for a promotion


Looks like every community along the Grenville Front wants the 'permanent' nuclear waste repository.  It is my observation that people on terrible geology have a harder time than those on good geology.

Problem is that the design for the permanent vault would be exactly the same at the low-vault.  They only found one speck of intact rock and they are going for that.  That's the only option!

So, if every community is clamouring for the repository, why not use the one they are supposedly digging (one day).  Although they are in a mode of forced silence, this community action almost forces them to stick their heads out.

As we all know from other sources, I am eagerly awaiting the sinking of the shaft.  I am always wrong, but this is a hard experiment that will confirm what I say (or not).  Since this is the same fault that gave rise to the Oklahoma injection earthquake, I am eager to see what the pumping out of all that brine will do.  In the old days we just shoved that stuff into the lake, but now they are fussy :)   So we will see the double effect of pumping out in one spot, and injecting into another.  I can't wait!

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