Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New nuclear plant is not happy


The Southern Co. continues to face "significant challenges" building the country's first brand-new nuclear plant on time and without exceeding its share of the roughly $6 billion budget, a state watchdog said in a report released Monday.

Interesting for Ontario.  The AP1000 is my choice for Ontario, although we may be stuck with a Canadian hamster wheel.  6 billion is extremely low, hope they can keep it to 12 billion.  Still, the earnings vs price will be infinitely greater than the collapsing Niagara Tunnel!

I hope this thing in Georgia is on hard rock.  Even the AP1000 wouldn't have a good seismic capacity on soft gunk.


Anonymous said...

So the North Anna Plant is back up and "running" and it only took about 3 months! If we had a 4.0 in beautiful Oshawa, how long do you figure we'd be without power? (It doesn't count if some wind power lighting up our houses around 2 am on the odd night)

Harold Asmis said...

Pickering is full of block walls on dirt. An M4or5 would shut the place down for a long time as everybody would look at the lovely cracks.