Thursday, September 29, 2011

Virginia earthquake amazing nuclear conclusion


The NRC has said “repeatedly” the broad seismic review “deals with an issue that fails to present an immediate safety concern,” Scott Burnell, an agency spokesman, said in an e- mail. Existing plants are built to “safely withstand the earthquakes at their sites,” he said.
...The Virginia earthquake caused no significant damage at North Anna, even though ground shaking exceeded the plant’s design limits, Dominion has said.
“The recent experience at North Anna supports the agency’s conclusion” that existing plants are built to withstand earthquakes at their sites, Burnell said.

Wow, thus the nuclear-seismic issue is buried.  In reality, the earthquake caused all the systems to go haywire with a very small peak ground velocity (PGV), which is the better measure of damage potential.  Probably, the plant got hit with 5 cm/s.  It would have taken a little bit more to knock out the diesel generators.

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