Thursday, September 29, 2011

PS3 becoming useless for watching video

Sony has done it.  They've become the perfect Chinese-type nanny on what you can watch.  They have now incorporated the Cin-avia copy protection, which is a deep spread-spectrum encoding in the audio channel.  Nothing can beat it.  Except of course, GETTING RID OF THE PS3!

Blah, blah - if you are perfect, you don't mind being totally controlled.  Heck, I could buy Apple if I wanted that! (most people jailbreak those things)

So now, it's off to find a new Linux media player.  I'm thinking of a min-itx case, but those things are complicated.  Then I would run an open-source player.


Gus said...
Start here and choose your own adventure. You only need an optical drive if you want to watch things from best buy and they'll play fine on the PS3. Plus your 55" TV now doubles as a blogging window if you pick up a $40 wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

Harold Asmis said...

That looks neat. I want to get the same upscaling as the Cell processor, which is now done by the graphics processor. I think is why Sony has damaged the browser (drm), and look forward to couch blogging. :)

Harold Asmis said...

Well, I just bought it with a hard drive and memory. Will run xbmc. Should be fun.