Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Canterbury earthquake cluster 'good news'


A swarm of small quakes west of Christchurch may be good news for residents worried another big shake is on the way.
Earthquake scientists believe a recent series of earthquakes measuring up to 4.3 magnitude may show that Canterbury's most active current quake zone is breaking into small chunks.

Wow, how they come up with this stuff?  It is obvious that the whole basin is an anomaly, and must be maintained by regular earthquake activity, just like the lowlands of Japan.  They really need to start a new city, with everything on piles, and all services in hard tunnels.


Ken Burke said...

Hi Harold,
Have you seen the youtube video by Kelvin Berryman on the geology and probabilities of the Canterbury earthquakes. It is at URL
He was also supposed to give a presentation this afternoon at the USGS earthquake seminar session but was preempted by someone talking about groundwater.
It was good to find your blog and I am happy you are still around and talking about earthquakes.

Ken Burke.

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah! I could take the video for a whole 5 minutes! Others can probably go longer. That whole slab is cracking up and sinking. I don't think it will stop for 100 years, until everything has sunk the usual 3 m, which is typical for an episode.

Then it will stop for the usual 500 years.

I'm doing fine in retirement, but sometimes I wish I could get some money out of my blathering. :)