Monday, September 26, 2011

LInux, Google +, and Hangouts

Just had my first geology hangout yesterday.  I'm amazed it worked with my Linux desktop.  Nothing ever works with Linux!  I could use the g+ extras, and share my screen.

This is a brave new world, but it will be limited by those nasty time zones, and my old-man need for sleep!  We had a grad student from Egypt, but students never sleep.  :)  Everybody will have to upgrade their equipment as well, since there can be a lot of static with bad mikes, etc.

For popular hangouts, the next phase is the lecture format, where the hangout is streamed to youtube.  I don't think earthquakes and geology will ever get to more than 10 people, though.  :)


Harbles said...

It is rather amazing stuff. I was watching a Hangout with my favorite Photographer +Trey Ratcliff from Northern China, another fellow in Israel and several others scattered around the US. Worked great and they were showing photos from their portfolio with the screen sharing advanced feature. +Keith Barrett from simultaneously live streams and records them.
I imagine the YouTube ONAir live streaming will require a Partners account as there would be endless live cat shows or lady gaga singalongs otherwise.

Harold Asmis said...

It will be interesting to discuss an earthquake when it happens.