Friday, September 30, 2011

Japan tsunami escape pod


Scatter the streets with tennis balls for the next tsunami!  They say they can get 4 people in there!  But I think you need a big Japanese subway pusher with a plunger to get them all in.


Gus said...

Interesting ... so either die instantly in a tsunami; or spend your last moments starving to death or dieing of thirst in a ball out at sea. Who's going to run around and pick up these Pokemon balls?

Anonymous said...

It is interesting. Those at sea would be rescued soon thanks to their visibility. Some would become concealed in debris. I hope they have transmitters.

Harold Asmis said...

What is the survival time in these? 4 hours, maybe at top. Rescue at sea takes 3 days or more because all the ships are tanked. I give these the Ig-Ig Nobel prize, along with the Darwin prize if anybody actually goes over Niagara Falls in one of these!