Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All money goes into California earthquake early warning


After years of lagging behind Japan, Mexico and other quake-prone countries, the U.S. government has been quietly testing an earthquake early warning system in California since February. Cochran belongs to an exclusive club of scientists who receive a heads up every time the state shakes.

It doesn't work.

With more testing and funding, researchers hope to build a public warning system similar to the Japanese that has been credited with saving lives during the March 11 magnitude-9 disaster.

Wow, haven't heard of that!

"You want to get under a sturdy table before things start falling off the wall," said University of California, Berkeley seismologist Richard Allen, a project participant. "We don't want people to start running out of buildings."

Which is what everybody will do!  :)


Harbles said...

In view of the Seismic Scientific community working to try and provide some form of early warning in California what to think about this situation in Italy?
Dammed if you do(falsely)predict a quake and dammed if you don't. Anti-Science?

Harold Asmis said...

Italy is beyond my understanding. :)