Thursday, August 25, 2011

Virginia Earthquake Induced

Ok, here is the latest aftershock sequence.

But the main Central Virginia Seismic Zone is defined as below the highway!

I was really wondering if the zone had really shot it's load, and whether we could expect something else.  But the M5.8 fault plane is very shallow and is stretched between the main zone and the big man-made lake.  Earthquakes have been induced with less.  I'm calling this an induced earthquake, caused by the damming of Lake Anna for the nuclear power station.  It doesn't really matter about the timing, or how long the lake has been there.  These things take time.  I would also say there is a good chance for more action, so those poor fellows better get some instruments there!  The hurricane should dump some good water on it to help things along.  :)

Oh well, I'm happy to sink into my obscurity if we don't have an M6 or greater there in the next 6 months.

We'd be much better off if they actually had a dense seismic array there for the past 20 years.......  I'm sure that small events started from the lake and moved to the fault plane.  You'd think with a man-made lake and a nuclear plant and all.  :)

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