Tuesday, August 23, 2011

M6 Earthquake Hits US East Coast

Holy Crap!  This is a classic east coast earthquake, which hasn't happened in living history.  That's why nobody is prepared for it, although I would say that they are very likely.  Toronto is due for one.  I can't get the historical earthquakes up, so I don't know the mechanism.  I know for sure that it will have been very poorly studied, since the US is bankrupt for these things.  I also know that every one of the nuclear plants around there will crap out on their seismic instrumentation.  This should be a classic 10 cm/s PGV on firm ground (5 cm/s on solid rock), and up to 100 cm/s on swamp.  We will not have very many good readings from strong ground motion stations.

As usual, everybody runs from the buildings when this happens.  People!!  Falling glass may not be an issue, and I don't think they have many modern soft-story condos there.

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