Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Did you feel the Virginia earthquake in Toronto?

That would be rare, and if you did, you are in the big shit if we have our earthquake.  Google realtime is dead, so let us know right here!

Update 1


-felt at Ontario Legislature.  That is on the deep muck of an old river which was turned into a sewer.  This is not a nice place for an earthquake.  Wonder if the big chandelier swung.

Update 2

-still no news from epicenter.  Does anybody live there?  Set off the fire alarm in spoose's building.


Anonymous said...

Felt it in High Park. Why am I in deep shit?

Anonymous said...

Felt on the 5th floor of 889 Brock Pickering by about 1 in 3... and it was almost 700 km away!

Peter said...

Either in the car or walking at the time, didn't notice a thing. Couple people in my building (factory on concrete slab)on chairs said they noticed it, said it was about the same as the Gatineau quake in the spring, just a slight rolling motion.

Harold Asmis said...

High Park is on quicksand. I would also think it would be big in the Beaches. 889 Brock is built like crap. :) but high rises can usually throw everybody around and still stand. I'll bet the seismometers around Darlington only registered less than 1 mm/s.

For all you people in brick houses on swamp - Get earthquake insurance!

ps. I didn't feel it!