Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 'Stupidity Defence' at its highest


I'm just looking at this, in the context of my association with evil companies.  When the shit hits the fan, everybody will say they didn't know nothing.  Only Martha Stuie failed in this defence because nobody could believe she wasn't controlling everything down to a single staple.  All these evil old men can say they were unaware of the prostitutes dancing in the hallway (one famous company).

Of course, they plan their stupidity defence in advance.  They do everything verbally (like the old company), and say things like "Just do it, or I'll fire you".  They don't accept any feedback, they don't sign off on anything.  One guy at the old company had the saying "If you have to come back to me, you've failed."  And naturally, these 'failed' people would be screwed, since all promotions were done in secret.

Of course, some low-down person will be the scapegoat.  They always make sure these people are lined up.  At  the old company, a hot-shot project manager would keep everything secret, and would be the only one to know the exact timing when everything would blow up in total failure.  Just before, he would hop off, and give it to some poor girl.  Ah, the good old days.

So, although it is obvious that this entire news organization is corrupt (how else could they survive in this day and age?), it will be the designated scapegoats who take the blame.

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