Monday, July 4, 2011

Nuclear Stinks, Gov't Stinks, We Stink


Power corrupts; nuclear power corrupts absolutely. The industry developed as a by-product of nuclear weapons research. Its deployment was used to shield the production of weapons from public view. Though the two industries have now been forced apart, in most parts of the world the nuclear operators remain secretive, unaccountable and far too close to government.

But this is a positive opinion, and I like it.  Really, you can't compare a new AP1000 with that old Mark 1, even though there are a heck of a lot of these old stinky things about.  And even Germany is going along with the flow, because it just doesn't have the power, and will soon be dissembling about that nuclear promise.

And if you really want to read about something stinking, just read about Smitherman's Swath of Economic Destruction, and his attempt at Commie Industrial Policy.  We are one entire nuclear station in the hole because of him. Politics and engineering don't mix, but they always try again and again.

I really don't think we'll do anything about nuclear power until we are like the Japanese, and opening factories on weekends, and sweltering in the heat.  With that on them, they approved starting 2 old nuclear reactors. :)

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