Sunday, July 3, 2011


A really great long weekend, very hot and sunny.  But the horseflies are out with a vengeance this year.  You have half a chance if you are sitting, wrapped in towels, and holding a fly swatter.  Then, when it was very hot, our entertainment was to swat the flies, and throw them in the water, to be snatched up by a fish.  Like I said, it was very hot, and we were all huddled under a small umbrella.

These things are huge, and we killed a hundred of them.  But when you are doing something, like getting out of the water, or windsurfing, they strike!  And it feels like a big electric shock going through you!  Usually, when they bite, you can whap them, but if you don't have a free hand, you are doomed.  :(

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